Friday, 2 January 2015

Ladies That Lunch

Today me and my bestie decided that we would go out for a little wander around the shops and a have a spot of lunch whilst on our travels.

Carson's Mummy does not get a great deal of time to herself these days with having the two little one's, so it was really nice to just to be able to spend a few hours child-free with her and for her, I am guessing, to indulge in a little adult time.  

We realised that one of the large chain of pubs where we had originally planned to go - no names mentioned but every town has at least one, or maybe two ;) had no fryers working!  I am not back to work until Monday so technically I am still on my Christmas holidays so the diet doesn't have to start quite yet, or at least that is what I keep telling myself.  I had in my head that I was not opting for the healthy menu today and learning that the fryers were not working was a no-no for me so we headed for the next local pub.

The company was great, but I was slightly disappointed to find that the burger and chips that we ordered was like a burger that we used to get in school!  This made me think of our school days stood in the dinner queue for forty-five of the sixty minute lunch waiting only to be told that they were out of your favourite meal! Ahh, school seems so long ago, I cannot quite believe that I am 30 this year!

Anyway, as I was informed, I am not quite up to true blogger standard just yet, as only after I had eaten my meal I decided that I should have taken a picture!  As you can see, true to my word, the diet definitely has not yet begun - note that chips, onion rings and burger are nowhere to be seen but there is a lovely serving of healthy, green salad left on my plate haha!


I will get the hang of this blogging lark shortly - or at least I hope so!  


  1. Haha! So funny - you need to take pics BEFORE you demolish the meal! Ahh it was good today Steph, really enjoyed it xx

  2. I know food is awesome and when you are hungry you just want to devoar it, but it will come to you, to take pictures of everything before you enjoy them!

  3. Lol - I've trained my hubby not to eat any food until I can take a photo ;-)

  4. I love the photo of your plate!! My Mum and I are big fans of taking pictures of our food, even at home with home cooked dinners/lunches! Our family get so frustrated with it! Sounds like a lovely day of pondering with a friend! Paige xo

  5. I also have to take pictures of food whenever I;m at restaurants. Is this a new modern day virus?

  6. I need to get into the habit of it haha!