Saturday, 17 January 2015

Handbag Essentials

As I was leaving the house this morning, I picked my handbag up and it felt like it had bricks in it with the weight of it! I decided that I needed to take a quick look through and take out the things in there that I did not need. Except I came across a slight problem, I need everything that is in my bag! 

My question to you is this "What Is In Your Handbag?” Do you need everything that is in your bag? Do you carry anything slightly obscure in your bag 'just in case'? 

A friend of mine once told me that she always keeps a spare pair of knickers in her back in case she ever has an accident! I thought that this was quite funny because the thought had never crossed my mind, but I guess in a funny way, there is an element of common sense in it!

 So, here goes, these are the contents of my bag that I carry round with my religiously, and of course not forgetting my mobile phone (not in the pic as I used it to take the photograph!) that I do not leave the house without!

  • Make up bag - contents of which include foundation, foundation brush, pressed powder, mascara x 3, eye liner pencil, liquid eye liner, tweezers, eyebrow powder, eye brow brush, eye brow pencil, blusher, blusher brush and eyelash glue.
  • Soap & Glory Hand Food
  • Nail file 
  • Keys 
  • Lighter (I haven't managed to quit smoking just yet!)
  • Nail polish 
  • Purse 
  • Lipstick
  • Lipgloss x 3 
  • Lip balm x 2 (clear and pearl)
  • Antibiotics (Reccurent tonsillitis - these have been a permanent fixture for almost four months now!)
  • Headphones 
  • Mirror
  • Hair clip 
  • Backcomb brush


The backcomb brush was in the bedroom as I’d just done my hair, but believe me, I feel like I have lost a limb if on the odd occasion I ever leave the house without it! It is the only hairbrush that I carry around with me these days.

My boyfriend thinks I am crazy carrying all of this round with my religiously, but I actually do not think that it is all that much - I could think of so many more things that I could carry around with me.

At the moment my bag is relatively tidy and in order - I decided to have a clear out before going back to work after Christmas. Other things I have been known the lurk in the bottom of my bag include an umbrella (this is a must for any girl but mine has been left in work - typical!), address book, paracetemol, feminine hygiene products, pens, chewing gum/mints, sunglasses (summer months, obviously), deodorant, perfume, ipod, tissues, and of course not forgetting the endless crumpled up receipts that are months old that we keep "just in case".

It got me thinking, is it really necessary that we carry all of these things with us on a daily basis? In short, my answer is YES! For me, there is no worse feeling than going to look for something and suddenly realising you have 'forgotten' it. 

So my male readers, next time you query the contents of your partners handbag, think twice, this 'must' accessory contains are our life tools and yes, the world literally does feel like it is over if it isn't in the handbag!


  1. Great post! It's amazing what we can fit in those bags of ours!


  2. Oh wow that's an impressive haul! I don't keep much in my bag these days, being a mum it's all about baby changing, I'd be lucky to fit my hair brush in ;)
    I love the butterflies on your background too, beautiful.x

  3. Great post Steph! I also have my "essentials" in my work bag and I have with me whereever I go even on business trips so I don;t have to keep changing the contents. I just one day went on a trip and stayed at a hotel overnight and realized i didn't have a comb or a brush with me - and I had long hair! you can just imaging what happened!

    Jo of

  4. It's amazing how much we carry in our bags isn't it :-)
    Laura | A Life With Frills