Saturday, 17 January 2015

Cherry Diva Store

I have followed Cherry Diva on Twitter for some time now and have always LOVED their products! They sell such pretty items for girls and at ridiculously cheap prices!

Their website boasts every accessory a girl needs, such as necklaces, bracelets, watches, earrings, bags, purses, phone cases, novelty gifts - the list goes on!

I was so excited to return home from a busy day at the office to find my Cherry Diva parcel sat waiting for me!

One of the items that i received were these pretty Pewter Oval Earrings. I loved them as soon as i saw them and could not wait to wear them!

Cherry Diva Pewter Oval Earrings £3.50

I cannot believe that they are only £3.50 - what a bargain they are. It goes without saying, they were my earring of choice the following day for work! I was thrilled when my Manager even passed comment and said how pretty they were. A little bit of bling in the office clearly does get noticed!

Wearing my Cherry Diva Pewter Oval Earrings  

I also recieved the Inked Princess iPhone 4/4s Case. I was in desperate need of a new phone case after having my old one on for almost six months - it is safe to say that it had been well and truly battered in my handbag! The Inked Princess Case is a hard case and fitted my phone perfectly. The only thing stopping my phone from looking brand new now is the scratched screen protector - i must invest in a new one. It would have been great to have got one with the cases as some sellers do as standard, but it really wasn't an issue as they are so cheap to pick up.

I love the variety of cases that Cherry Diva sell. There are so many that i have never even come across before. One of my other favourites is the Snow White case that is sold on the website. Anything Disney and i am in love! I am such a child at heart!

 Inked Princess iPhone 4/4s Case £4.00

The third item that was delivered from Cherry Diva was the Khloe Silver Screw Cuff Bracelet retailing at £7.00. The bangle is so elegant and it looks so much more expensive than it actually is. The bracelet is sold as a "one size fits most". Unfortunately for me, I think I must have quite big wrists as it fitted but I would be too scared to wear it in case it fell off and I lost it. This is no reflection on Cherry Diva though as it is a problem I have encountered in the past.
Khloe Silver Screw Cuff Bangle £7.00

One of the things i love about the Cherry Diva website is the £1 Pick 'N' Mix section.  There are so many bargains listed there.  £1 for a piece of fashion jewellery - you really cannot complain.  This section is ideal for bargain gifts for friends or family.  My teenage cousin was looking at the site with me one evening and "needed" everything on there so this has given me a thought for her birthday.  I will buy her a few items and make a little gift box for her containing the items that she liked.  

UK shipping is between 3-5 working days and costs 99p.  99p!  I have not seen delivery so cheap in a long time!  Delivery is free if you spend £20 or more.  First class and next day options are also available.

Cherry Diva ship internationally too at a bargain cost of only £4.95.  Again, this is offered free if you spend over £30 on the site. 

Check them out today and remember to 'Like' them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, Pintrest and Instagram to receive your 10% discount code.  

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