Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Soap & Glory - The Soapremes

So, I awoke on Christmas morning to this little beauty...


For me, this is one of my favourite gifts to receive at Christmas. Whilst the products are not overly expensive, for some reason I never seem to indulge in these beauty products at any time of the year other than when I receive them as a gift at Christmas time. And what a treat they are! I could not wait for Boxing Day to have a lovely relaxing day, have my Soap and Glory shower and put my new Christmas jarmies on and slob out watching Christmas films and stuff my face with junk food - typical Bridget Jones style. Except with a boyfriend I am not quite a Bridget Jones, but you get the gist!

Inside this The Soapremes gift box comes the CLEAN ON ME Creamy Moisture Shower Gel 500ml, THE RIGHTEOUS BUTTER Body Butter 200ml, THE SCRUB OF YOUR LIFE Body Scrub 200ml, HAND FOOD Hand Cream 50ml, HEEL GENIUS Foot Cream 50ml, A suds-boosting BODY POLISHER and a pair of cosy socks.

What can I say, every single product is amazing! They smell gorgeous, leaving a lovely lasting scent on your body and are such good quality products that a little really does go a long way meaning that they last so much longer than other beauty products. 

The hand cream is one of my faves and something that I love to keep on my desk at work for use throughout the day. For some reason, I have developed this habit of sitting on the phone talking to someone whilst applying my hand cream. This tends to happen repeatedly around five or six times a day. I often wonder, is this just me or any woman sat at a desk all day?

I can safely say that I am thrilled to bits with this gift. I noticed today whilst browsing online that it is also reduced now at Boots to £10 from £20 (Not that I was looking at the price of my gifts - I just happened to notice!). If these are still around come payday I may well be stocking up on a few for next Christmas. Who am I kidding - I mean for myself. This would never be around until next Christmas; I love Soap and Glory too much!


  1. i bought exactly the same and love evrything in it except the lacquer.
    Chinella x

  2. I love the hand food cream! I think that is my fave! The shower scrub is really good too. I just love the way the smell seems to last for ages on you x