Sunday, 4 January 2015

Let's Talk About...Hair Styling

I sat in front of my mirror this morning, and decided that maybe it is time for a change of style with my hair.  My GHD's have been my best friend for many years, but he realisation has come that as much as I love them, I need to try some new styling tools.

Since that age of around 14 and discovering the GHD styler's, all I seem to have done is straighten the life out of my hair.  I currently have the GHD Boho Chic Limited Edition styler that I purchased some years ago as part of the Hair Striaghtener Gift Set.

Over the years, I have had my hair in many different styles and colours - long, short, extensions, clip in extensions, blonde, red, brown, etc.  But, I am at that point in my life again where I feel I am in need of a change.  The question is, to what?

This is a picture of me with my hair blonde with sewn in Remy hair extensions...

After almost twelve months of having my extensions in, I was in the same predicament as I am in now - I needed a change,  

From blonde with extensions, I went for natural hair with a red colour, as below...

It wasn't long before I was getting fed up and began using clip in extensions to add length and volume...

I kept my hair this colour and natural for around six months before I discovered that the red was fading very fast and to maintain the colour I was colouring it every four weeks, I opted for dark brown this time around and still occasionally use clip in extensions for when I was my hair curly or when I want it up and want it to appear thicker or with more volume...

I just really do not know what to do next!

My hair is so thin and fine and I know that excessive heat is constantly damaging my hair no matter how many protective products I use but my hair has a natural wave so I can't not do anything with it.  I really am undecided as to where I go from here to get my hair in better condition and looking healthy again.

A friend recently mentioned that she had bought the L'Oreal Steampod straighteners.  Like me, she uses hair straighteners on a daily basis and swear that they have improved the condition of her hair whilst straightening them as good as the other leading stylers.  

Has anybody tried them?  What are your thoughts?  Do they straighten your hair as well as other stylers?

Any thoughts would be much appreciated.


  1. I have a product that I swear by for improving the condition of hair. I use Charles Worthington's Pro Heat Repair Milk. I think it's about £10 in Boots but it is so worth it. You put it on towel dried hair before drying your hair followed by straighteners or tongs and it makes your hair feel so much less brittle, fuller and looks like the ends aren't so split. The first time I used it, my hair felt so thick. I love it. I hope that helps you!

  2. I will give that a go, thanks so much! My hair just feels so dry and damaged at the moment and i know it is from over-styling but i feel stuck in a rut with it!x

  3. Interesting that you keep wanting to chage your hair style and color. I've had my hair in my natural color, long and straight forever and have no intention of changing it.

  4. I just get fed up of looking in the mirror and looking the same! I am so indecisive though, i change my mind and then want to change it back!