Monday, 5 January 2015


Just a quick one for you all.

I am looking for some advice, feedback, reviews, etc of diets that people have recently done. I am familiar with the usual – Weight Watchers, Slimming World, etc. I am looking to try something new and would be keen to hear some “Real Life” stories before I go out spending pounds on products that may or may not work.

As it stands, I am eating Belvita breakfast biscuits or a piece of toast in the mornings, a tin of soup for lunch and meat and veg for dinner. Whilst I know the calorific value of this is relatively low and I can lose weight doing this, I know that I will get bored easily. I have a good few stone to shift so I need to stay on target and stay motivated. I am 30 in August and it is my intention to be at goal weight by then. I have a while to do it so need something that I can stick to for this period of time.

I would really appreciate your thoughts.

Steph x