Monday, 29 December 2014

Slow Cooking

A few weeks back my Mum gave me a slow cooker; I was full of optimism and could not wait to give it a go. See, the thing, is, in truth now I actually think about it, I am a little apprehensive of giving it a go! Why I hear you ask?

I used a slow cooker once many years ago and in complete honesty it was a disaster! I decided to make lamb stew, followed all of the instructions correctly - add the correct amount of water, meat, veg, etc. I sat in work all day looking forward to getting home from work to a lovely hot meal with minimal effort. I walked in from work, could smell the stew bubbling away and thought "Yum" I can't wait for this! My excitement soon lead to disappointment when I discovered that the contents of the slow cooker were all stuck to the bottom of the ceramic dish and it was not edible!

Since then I have been wary of trying it again - more so because I do not want to spend money on meat and veg for it to be a disaster again.

I know I need to and will try it again at some point, as after all a slow cooker is so practical for when you are out at work doing the usual 9-5 Monday to Friday. Does anybody have any tips or any ideas on how to stop this culinary disaster from reoccurring? Was it just my slow cooker because it was only a cheap one? A friend of mine recently purchased the Morphy Richards Sear and Stew Slow Cooker and swears by it. I see it has been reduced to £35 so I am debating making this purchase.

Answers on a postcard (or a comment below) please...

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