Sunday, 28 December 2014

JML Compact LED Light Up Mirror & Tweezer Set

There isn't much more I can say about the JML Compact LED Light Up Mirror & Tweezer Set but WOW! I LOVE this product!

I was at my Nan's on Christmas Day when my Auntie arrived and gave me my Christmas present. I was surprised to open the JML Compact LED Light Up Mirror & Tweezer Set, as I had never seen it advertised before. I was later informed by my Mum, who also got one of these little beauties as a gift that these have infact been advertised on TV, I must have missed it or I would have purchased one long before now!


All of us girls know that there is no worse task in the world of beautifying ourselves than the dreaded plucking of eyebrows! For me, it always feels a chore and I huff and puff every time the task comes around. I try to put it off for as long as possible, which infact only makes the task even more daunting! I can quite honestly say that the JML Compact LED Light Up Mirror & Tweezer Set has for the first time in my life made eyebrow plucking a much more pleasant experience! No more sitting with the mirror trying to catch the right angle of light, the light up LED mirrors are perfect for avoiding that! 

Whilst only small, the tweezers are actually brilliant! I have tried so many pairs of tweezers over the months trying to find the right pair after losing my beloved ones I’d had for years, and now my search is over!

I believe that the retail price of the JML Compact LED Light Up Mirror & Tweezer Set is £9.99, which is an absolute bargain in my opinion. They are prefect for any woman’s handbag as they are small and compact. They can be purchased in various stores, on the JML website and via other online retailers. Listen up girls; I can assure you that this will be the best £9.99 that you ever spend! I shall certainly be recommending them to all of my friends and family. I may even stock up on a few for birthday gifts throughout the year.

Thanks JML for saving me from eyebrow plucking hell!

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  1. Having that little light will make such a difference, I always think I've done ok with my eyebrows until I see them properly under a light and they look like caterpillars! x

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