Friday, 13 March 2015

My Blog Has Been A Little Quiet...

I felt like I should drop you all a little line to apologise for my blog being so quiet lately - not great for a relatively new blog, I know!

I have been feeling a little under the weather recently as I have not long since undergone an adult tonsillectomy. Let me tell you, it was probably the worst thing I have ever had to go through in my life. I am still recovering now, but only 8 days after surgery do I even feel well enough to put my laptop on and give something a little concentration. I have not been able to eat, I have been in complete agony and even sipping water has stung like hell! 

As I say, I am slowly on the road to recovery now and I am starting to feel a little better with each day that comes so please bare with me and I promise to get my blog back in to full swing with regular posts again just as soon as I can. 

Much love x 

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