Sunday, 8 February 2015

Tan Eraser Mitt

I was delighted to be sent the Tan Eraser Mitt to review – removing false tan after that big night out has been the bane of my life now for many years. You plan your big night out, spend the few evenings prior to the big event applying your tan in stages – and then spend the few after trying to get it off without looking like a streaky, Tango’d mess for days!

The Tan Eraser Mitt is an exfoliating mitt designed to remove existing fake tan and in the process prepare your skin for your next application of fake tan by removing dead skin cells and leaving your skin lovely and soft. The pink side of the mitt is for softer exfoliation and the black side is to be used for areas such as knees and elbows that can be stubborn. For me, one of my problem areas is my shin, just above my ankles. No matter how much I exfoliate and moisturise, it seems to be a problem area in both applying and removing tan. With the Tan Eraser Mitt, the tan came off almost instantly which was a pleasant surprise for me.

The instructions that came with the mitt were as follows:

1. Shower/bathe and cleanse your body as normal ensuring you rinse soap away thoroughly.
2. Wet the Tan Eraser mitt under the shower and squeeze out any excess water.
3. Standing away from the shower, or outside of the bath water, use the pink side to rub the skin to gently exfoliate and remove the old spray tan. Apply extra pressure or use the black side for stronger exfoliation.
4. Rinse your body and the Tan Eraser making sure all remaining tan has been removed.

So straightforward and simple to use and can be used in conjunction with your regular showering products. 

The Tan Eraser Mitt can be used for self tanning products and for professional spray tans, so it really is suitable for all and at a bargain retail price of just £6.00 this is an item every tan obsessed girl should have in their bathroom cupboard! Even if you are not an avid fake tan fan, I would still recommend this product as a brilliant all-round exfoliating mitt. The mitt can be purchased as single unit or if you are a beauty professional offering tanning services you can purchase the product on a wholesale basis. Additional details can be found at

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